Construction tends to be the longest phase of house building and can be divided into many stages: Site Work, Foundation, Framing, Rough-In, Insulation, Drywall and Finishing. Our experienced KFA site managers oversea every stage in the construction ensuring work is completed on time and to the highest standard. Any discrepancies that arise can be worked out together during the construction period.


Site work involves all the preparation of your lot to allow framers to build the house. This includes demolition, excavation, municipal service connection and more. The time taken to complete this stage may vary depending on the conditions of your lot.

Foundation and Framing

Once the site work is complete, we place foundation, frame the walls, lay the roof and install windows and exterior doors. This completes the basic framing of your home. The structure is considered to be at ‘lockup stage’. This is when all windows and exterior doors have been installed and we are able to close up the house.


As the framing is underway our subcontracted plumbing, electrical and HVAC trade partners lay the pipes, wires, and ducts needed for the home. This work is known as ‘rough-in’. Our plumbing partners typically use the interior design drawings to and specs for their rough-in work. While our electrical trades also have interior design drawings and specs to refer to, the best practice is to schedule a site visit with you, the interior designer, the electrician and the KFA Team to walk through the home and confirm the electrical plan. 


One the electrical has been placed we move onto insulation. To ensure that no wiring is damaged we take photos for you before the insulation is put in place.


The next step is drywall, where the studs and insulation are covered with drywall panels. As drywall is being placed, holes are cut to expose rough-in fixtures like light receptacles, pluming pipes, speakers brackets and more. 


After all rough-in is placed we are on to the final stretch; Finishing. Your home is insulated and drywalled then our subcontractors come into complete interior finishes. Finishing includes trim install, door install, paint, flooring, railing, tiling, cabinetry, plumbing fixture install, countertops, appliance install, light fixture install and more. Finishes to the exterior happen as well. Exterior finishes include siding, railing and landscaping. 

Once all finishes are complete, we call for a final inspection and receive an occupancy certificate from the building department.